Fine Jewelry FAQs

Do you have a jeweler on-site?

Yes, Klein's Jewelry has a master jeweler at each location who can repair nearly everything on-site.

How much do you charge to size a ring?

The cost of sizing a ring varies based on metal type and if it's going up or down a size. Please give us a call to assist over the phone if needed. If you don't know this information, visit us and we will quote on the spot!

How long will my repair take?

Most repairs take about one week, we'll let you know when you drop it off how long. Sometimes faster.

Can I have my repair rushed?

Sure. We aim to please. We will do our best to finish it quickly for you.

Can I bring in my Rolex for servicing?

Yes, please bring your Rolex into one of our Houston locations and we will provide you a free estimate.

Can you replace my watch battery while I wait?

Most of the time. The battery change can be done on the spot depending on the jeweler's availability at the time of drop-off and the type of watch it is. Most watch battery replacements cost $20-40 depending on the watch. We would let you know prior to changing it out.

Where can I go to get my watch resized in Houston?

If you have been searching for where to get a watch sized near me then look no more. We can size just about any size watch most times while you wait, depending on the type of band you have.

Do you buy jewelry?

Yes, Klein's Jewelry, both Woodway and Westheimer store location is open for buying depending on inventory at the time.

What is your trade-up policy?

Our diamond earrings, rings and bracelets have a fantastic trade-up policy. If you want to purchase larger or better quality diamonds. We will purchase the original pair for the same value you purchased them for, minus 10% as long as they are from Klein's Jewelry and are in good condition. This is at the disgression of our staff.

What is your Return / Exchange Policy?

There are no returns. If you are not completely satisfied with your jewelry purchase, please bring it back unworn, unsized ,in the same shape as purchased for an exchange.

All timepieces are non-refundable . All timepieces have our 2 year warranty, they cannot be returned, but can be exchanged.

Appraisal FAQs

Can you appraise my jewelry?

Yes, we will appraise any piece, including those purchased outside of Klein's Jewelry. Most times we can do a Houston jewelry appraisal while you wait.

How long does this take?

Each appraisal takes about 30 minutes. Klein's Jewelry offers jewelry appraisals in houston for a small charge of only $45 in most cases. Most pieces can be appraised on the spot, but if the piece takes more research, we'll take a photo and have the appraisal back to you as soon as possible.

How to get your engagement ring appraised?

If you purchase your diamond engagement ring from Klein's Jewelry we provide an appraisal with the purchase free of charge. If you didn't purchase it from here not a problem we are happy to offer a houston jewelry appraisal for a minimal charge of only $45 in most cases. Most pieces can be appraised on the spot, but if the piece takes more research, we'll take a photo and have the appraisal back to you as soon as possible.

Engagement Rings FAQs

What are the most important things I should know before buying an engagement ring?

When buying an engagement ring, it's essential to keep an open mind about style and design. Consider factors like your partner's preferences, price range, size, and material.

What are the different settings of an engagement ring?

There are numerous styles when it comes to selecting your engagement ring. Our engagement ring specialists can guide you through various settings that suit your preferences.

What should I ask the jeweler when designing and buying an engagement ring?

Feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like while going through the design process. Our engagement ring specialists will also ask you many questions to understand how you envision the finished ring.

What are the differences in metals used for engagement rings?

For engagement rings, we recommend 18ct white, yellow, or rose gold, or platinum. Gold is strong and malleable, allowing our jeweler to craft your dream ring. Gold can also be polished and plated to keep it looking new over the years.

How long before I want to propose should I start designing a custom engagement?

Allow at least a month to meet with our jeweler/designer before proposing. This will provide ample time to choose the diamond and setting. Our engagement rings are created in-house, and orders are created in the order received. We are excited to help you find the perfect piece for your perfect person.

How much does a 1-carat engagement ring cost?

The cost of a 1-carat engagement ring varies depending on the diamond's quality and the setting you choose. Consult with one of our engagement ring specialists about pricing for your future ring.

How many carats should an engagement ring be?

An engagement ring should be whatever you're comfortable with. There are no rules when it comes to size or style, so pick something that fits your personality and budget.

What is the best month to buy an engagement ring?

Any month is the best time to buy an engagement ring. Keep an eye out for specials around holidays, but there's no specific time that's better to buy an engagement ring.

What diamond cut is the best in an engagement ring?

There's no one best diamond cut for an engagement ring. It all comes down to you and your significant others personal preference. Popular cuts include round, oval, radiant, emerald, and cushion.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

Your engagement ring should be what you feel comfortable paying. It's not necessary to follow the "2 months' salary" rule. The engagement ring is a symbol of love, commitment, and a lifelong union.

Is custom more expensive than store-bought engagement rings?

It's a common misconception that custom engagement rings are more expensive than store-bought rings. Our in-house jeweler creates every custom job, so there are no middlemen involved. The cost will generally be the same as a ring already made.

Where's the best place to buy engagement ring houston?

Well that is prolly not a fair question to ask. We guineally believe that Klein's Jewelry is the best place in Houston to buy and engagement ring due both in part to our staff and the affordability of our selection.

Are you in search of the perfect engagement ring? Look no further than Klein's Jewelry, the premier jewelry store in Houston. Visit Klein's Jewelry today for a personalized engagement ring shopping experience with expert guidance and an extensive selection of exquisite rings.